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 Arabian Stallions of the World VI Arabian Stallions of the World VI

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 The Arabian Horse of Egypt, Dr. Nasr Marei The Arabian Horse of Egypt, Dr. Nasr Marei
160 pages
257 x 257 x 177 mm

Prized for their stamina and their acclimation to the harsh conditions of the Arabian deserts, the ancestors of the horses that are now recognized as the Egyptian Arabian purebred horse entered Egypt centuries ago, establishing the valuable bloodlines of the breed there. The breeding programs in Egypt therefore became the root source for the finest Arabian horses, attracting passionate enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Artists, poets, and historians have for centuries been inspired by their great beauty and romantic legacy. Nasr Marei is the third-generation owner of a stud farm in Giza, Egypt. His love for and knowledge of the Egyptian Arabian horse, coupled with his sensitive and striking photography, have inspired this visual tribute. His extraordinary photographs, accompanied by text that traces the history and evolution of the Arabian s journey into Egypt, celebrate the lineage of this living treasure of Egyptian heritage.

NASR MAREI holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. He is the co-founder and vice-chairman of the Egyptian Arabian Horse Breeders Association.
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 Das Arabische Vollblut, Boiselle, G. Das Arabische Vollblut, Boiselle, G.

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