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Shipping & Returns

Delivery- and shipping conditions:


Goods will usually be delivered within three to seven working days.


Delivery is carried out at the customer’s risk. Transfer of perils takes place upon handover of the goods to the party responsible for the delivery.


Shipping costs are flat charges that cover packaging, postage and handling and depend on weight and size of the package.


The flat charge for shipping within German borders amounts to € 6,50 for packages of up to 2 kg. For packages of up to 10 kg, we charge € 8,50 and for overlong bulk goods (sticks) € 9,50.


Shipping into other EU countries of packages of up to 2 kg is charged with  €12,50. Shipping costs for packages exceeding 2 kg in weight and for bulk goods can be obtained upon request. Shipping into non-EU countries will incur additional taxes and tariffs, which are passed on to the customer.


In case of delays or returns as a result of faultily stated addresses, the customer will cover any arising costs. In case of voluntary return due to non-satisfaction, the sender will have to pay for the postage. There is no money-back guarantee. Replacement deliveries or the issuing of vouchers are possible. If the delivered goods do not match the order, Alassil Bazar will, on presentation of the invoice and the original packaging, compensate for the return of the goods and issue a replacement. A return is not possible for audio- and video recordings once they have been unsealed by the customer nor for goods that were produced according to customers’ specification.


Alassil Bazar is entitled to partial deliveries to reasonable extent. The customer will be informed about delayed deliveries. Alassil Bazar does not stand surety for delayed deliveries as a result of force majeure. Alassil Bazar does not avouch delayed or omitted deliveries that that are due to the default of subcontractors.


Claim for compensation in case of omitted delivery is impossible. Alassil Bazar reserves the right to cancel a purchase order if the delivery is not possible.



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